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California Pepper

Type (Foliage/Class) Evergreen Tree
Height 25' to 40'
Width 20' to 35'
USDA Zone(s) 9
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Cold Hardiness 20°f
Bloom Color Yellowish-White

Bloom Season
Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

Pictures (Click to enlarge)
Full picture of adult tree.
Full picture of adult tree.
Close-up of leaves.
Close-up of leaves.
Full picture of adult tree.
Full picture of adult tree.
Close-up of bark.
Close-up of bark.
Close-up of leaves.
Close-up of leaves.
Close-up of leaves and fruit.
Close-up of leaves and fruit.
Medium picture of leaves
Medium picture of leaves
Plant Hardiness (Zone information)
What are zones, what zone do I live in and why does it matter?

In the botanical realm there are many zone maps that assist us with determining whether a plant will survive where we live. Through gathered information it has been determined in which areas a certain plant should grow.

LandscapeMart is based in Phoenix, Arizona. There are several different zone maps that are used here. These include:
blackdot USDA (United States Department of Agriculture's) Plant Hardiness Zones
greydot This system is based on the cold hardiness of each plant and divides the entire country into 11 zones. Phoenix is in zone 9.
greydot Plants listed with zones 5-9 mean that they should grow in zones 5 through 9.
blackdot Sunset Climate Zones
greydot This system covers the 13 Western States and is broken into 24 zones. Phoenix is in zone 13.
blackdot Plants for Dry Climates Climate Zones
greydot This system is developed for Arizona which is broken into 3 zones. Phoenix is in the low zone.

LandscapeMart uses the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map since it covers the entire United States. This allows us to expand our plant catalog to cover the entire country.

Note that some plants that are listed for zone 9 may not actually grow in Phoenix due to our summertime heat. The AHS (American Horticulture Society) has developed a plant heat zone map based on the average number of days above 86 (30C) which is the temperature in which plants begin suffering physiological damage from heat. Phoenix is zone 11.
blackdot A plant may have the numbers 5-10, 7-3. With this number range the plant will survive the winter cold in zones 5 through 10 and the summer heat of zones 7 through 3. This plant should not live year round in Phoenix due to our summer heat.

Plants may grow outside of the zones listed. Microclimates can extend the plant's adaptability and allow it to florish in an area where it normally isn't found. It is best to contact a local nursery or landscape professional to verify how a particular plant will grow in your area.
Common Name
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Picture AvailableSABAL mexicana
Picture AvailableSABAL palmetto
Picture AvailableSACCHARUM ravennae
Picture AvailableSALIX babylonica
Picture AvailableSALIX matsudana 'Navajo'
Picture AvailableSALPIGLOSSIS sinuata
Picture AvailableSALVIA chamaedryoides
Picture AvailableSALVIA clevelandii
SALVIA coccinea
SALVIA dorrii
Picture AvailableSALVIA farinacea
Picture AvailableSALVIA greggii
Picture AvailableSALVIA greggii `Sierra Linda` tm
Picture AvailableSALVIA guarantitica `Black and Blue`
Picture AvailableSALVIA leucantha
SALVIA leucophylla
SALVIA majavensis
SALVIA microphylla 'Red Storm'
Picture AvailableSALVIA splendens
Picture AvailableSAMBUCUS mexicana
SAMBUCUS neomexicana
Picture AvailableSANSEVIERIA trifasciata
Picture AvailableSANTOLINA chamaecyparissus
Picture AvailableSANTOLINA rosmarinifolius
Picture AvailableSANTOLINA virens
Picture AvailableSANVITALIA procumbens
Picture AvailableSARRACENIA flava
Picture AvailableSARRACENIA leucophylla
Picture AvailableSCAEVDA hybrid `Whirlwind White`
Picture AvailableSCAEVOLA aemula
Picture AvailableSCHEFFLERA actinophylla
Picture AvailableSCHEFFLERA arboricola `Variegata`
Picture AvailableSCHINUS molle
Picture AvailableSCHINUS terebinthifolius
Picture AvailableSEDUM morganianum
Picture AvailableSEMPERFLORENS begonias
Picture AvailableSENECIO cineraria
Picture AvailableSENECIO x hybridus
Picture AvailableSENNA alata
Picture AvailableSENNA artemisioides var. circinata
Picture AvailableSENNA covesii
Picture AvailableSENNA didymobotrya
Picture AvailableSENNA goldmanii
Picture AvailableSENNA nemophila
Picture AvailableSENNA oligophylla
Picture AvailableSENNA phyllodenia
Picture AvailableSENNA sturtii
SENNA wislizeni
Picture AvailableSESBANIA punica
Picture AvailableSETCREASEA pallida
Picture AvailableSIMMONDSIA chinensis
Picture AvailableSIMMONDSIA chinensis `Vista`
Picture AvailableSOLANDRA maxima
Picture AvailableSOLANUM aviculare
Picture AvailableSOLANUM jasminoides
Picture AvailableSOLANUM jasminoides `Grandiflora`
Picture AvailableSOLENOSTEMON scutellariodes
Picture AvailableSOLENOSTEMON scutellarioides
Picture AvailableSOPHORA affinis
Picture AvailableSOPHORA secundiflora
Picture AvailableSOPHORA secundiflora `Silver Peso`
Picture AvailableSPARAXIS tricolor
Picture AvailableSPARTIUM junceum
Picture AvailableSPHAERALCEA ambigua
Picture AvailableSPHAGNETICOLA trilobata
SPREKELIA formosissima
STACHYS byzantina
STACHYS coccinea
Picture AvailableSTAPELIA ambigua
Picture AvailableSTENOCEREUS eruca
Picture AvailableSTENOCEREUS marginatus
Picture AvailableSTENOCEREUS pruinosus
Picture AvailableSTENOCEREUS thrubri
Picture AvailableSTENOTAPHRIUM secundatum
Picture AvailableSTETSONIA coryne
Picture AvailableSTRAWBERRY
Picture AvailableSTRELITZIA nicolai
Picture AvailableSTRELITZIA reginae
Picture AvailableSTROBILANTHES dyerianus
Picture AvailableSUTERA cordata `Giant White`
Picture AvailableSWAINSONA formosa
Picture AvailableSYAGRUS romanzoffianum
Picture AvailableSYMPHYOTRICHUM praealtum
Picture AvailableSYNADENIUM grantii rubrum
Picture AvailableSYNGONIUM podophyllom
SYNGONIUM polophyllum 'Atrovirens'
Picture AvailableSYRINGA vulgaris

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Phoenix, AZ
Striking natural stone, an outdoor fireplace, a cozy fire table, and low voltage landscape lighting makes this north Phoenix residence enjoyable long after the sun has vanished.




Scottsdale, AZ
After practicing your short game on the putting green, you can relax by the outdoor fireplace with the soothing sound of a boulder waterfall in this remarkable Scottsdale backyard.




Scottsdale, AZ
Whether enjoying a quiet evening for two, or entertaining the neighborhood, this over-sized outdoor fireplace with decorative concrete trim and travertine accents will create the perfect setting.




Phoenix, AZ
The 3-piece gold travertine pavers and bullnose pool coping gives this free form pool a touch of elegance that makes the finest of resort pools jealous.




Anthem, AZ
Intense red flowers and a specimen Ironwood tree is a perfect balance to this Phoenix desert landscape design.

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Latest Information

Practical Makeover Landscape Portfolio

Practical Makeover Landscape Portfolio

Phoenix, AZ

This landscape up in the Desert Ridge area has been transformed from a standard cookie cutter landscape into a custom landscape that is water efficient, practical and fun for the family.

Entertainment Oasis Landscape Portfolio

Entertainment Oasis Landscape Portfolio

Troon North in Scottsdale, AZ

Up in Troon North in Scottdale is back yard that offers all the elements needed to either entertain guests or simply just relax and unwind.

Backyard Resort Landscape Portfolio

Backyard Resort Landscape Portfolio

Scottsdale, AZ

This backyard is the perfect getaway when you need to escape from a hard day. A fireplace, ramada, fountain and putting turn this into a backyard resort.

Petite Paradise Landscape Portfolio

Petite Paradise Landscape Portfolio

Scottsdale, AZ

This small yard may not offer a large landscape area, however with a fireplace, barbeque and spa / fountain, it becomes a petite landscape paradise.

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Lone Star Landscaping is a versatile landscape design and custom installation company offering a combination of style and function that is appealing to all environments and budgets. As licensed Arizona contractors for more than 12 years, we are highly respected as experts in the landscape industry.  You can see for yourself by taking a virtual tour through our photo gallery of custom and unique projects.

Desert landscape with ramada, putting green and fountain overlooking the Phoenix valley.

Desert landscape with ramada, putting green and fountain overlooking the Phoenix valley.

Our staff at Lone Star Landscaping will see your landscape project through from the initial consultation through the installation process with efficiency and professionalism.  Our design team will create your dreams and convey the ideas to you using several formats to help you visulaize the entire landscape project.  Whether it’s a sketch or hand drawing, complete AutoCAD landscape and hardscape design with engineering, 3D AutoCAD or Pool Studio and Viz Terra renderings, or Photoshop enhancements, we can provide you with the level of service that is required to make sure your landscape project is a success.  Our team is highly knowledgeable of city codes and ordinances and experienced with the permitting process in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Carefree, AZ.  If you need a small courtyard landscaping project or an extensive landscape design and installation containing a pool and spa, ramada, outdoor kitchen and fireplace, pavers and flagstone, and complete landscaping with low voltage lighting and mist system, Lone Star Landscaping is your best choice.  You can feel confident that with Lone Star Landscaping's knowledge and experience, we have the ability to surpass your expectations and turn landscape into your own paradise.

If you desire an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or any other fire feature for your home in Phoenix, we can offer design ideas that will bring your yard to life.  By incorporating features such as barbecues, pizza ovens, outdoor refridgerators and grills, we can turn you backyard into an outdoor kitchen ready to entertain friends and family.  Outdoor living in Arizona is enhanced by the soothing sounds of a water feature or koi pond, surrounded by travertine pavers or flagstone and with a ramada for shade.  Your landscape will be the perfect place to enjoy the weather in Phoenix.  If you can imagine the feeling of having an exotic resort in your own backyard, then Lone Star Landscaping is your choice when it comes to landscaping in Phoenix!

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